We are Joh and Flo. We hide behind the Hiding Spot Brewery. 27 years after our first meeting in kindergarten, our first mini draft beers are now seeing the light of day.

For years we dreamed of brewing our own beer.

Countless times we had heated discussions about beer style, hops and malt types, design and terms such as " drinkability "," fruityness "or" IBU ".

For months we looked around for a suitable production location.

We are VERY happy to finally be able to offer our first two beers.

As our first customers, you will not only enjoy the exclusive pleasure of our schmackofatz beers

We brew the best beer with our Hiding Spot Brewery

  • with love (ICONS?)
  • handcrafted (ICONS?)
  • unfiltered (ICONS?)
  • unexplained (ICONS?)
  • clean (ICONS?)

We fill our beers in the best packaging there is for beer: micro-kegs

This protects the beer and the valuable aromas that we extract from our ingredients in our mash and fermentation process. Along with oxygen, light is one of the greatest enemies of hoppy beer.

In addition, cans are more sustainable than their reputation suggests. Because beverage cans are the most recycled packaging material in Germany. It takes an average of 60 days for a beverage can to get a new life as a beverage can after use.